Outbound Call Center Software Reduces Agent Errors

outbound call center software available

Outbound call center agents don’t have it easy.   People generally dislike receiving calls from either telemarketers or credit collection agents; and these are the tasks that outbound contact centers undertake in behalf of their clients.

When the task involves telemarketing it can be likened to selling products door to door. They are viewed as interruptions to normal life routines.  The chance of getting the door slammed in your face is a distinct possibility in one, while phone calls are ended in the other.  Both are forms of rejection that cannot be entirely avoided.  It is far easier to hang up on unwanted calls. Outbound call center agents have to be at the top of their game to be able to close a sale now and then.

Chances of getting a collection or making a sale dim when agents make mistakes, that is why many contact centers have invested in the use of outbound call center software.  That is perfectly understandable because anyone in the receiving end of an unwanted call cannot be expected to be happy about it.  Imagine getting a telemarketing call where you are erroneously greeted by another person’s name, or by the wrong gender.  Under such circumstances the first impulse is to hang up the phone!  Many associations similar to the British Columbia Contact Center Association devote a lot of resources toward improving outboard calls.

Merely using outbound call center software available is enough to cause a drop in operator (contact center agent) error and an increase in performance efficiency.  Usually, increased levels of performance may be measured through more effective collection rates and increased sales.


Using software to automate the dialing process alone provide significant levels of error reduction.  It also makes the process of connecting to the prospective client faster, enabling agents to handle more calls.  Lists of clients may be pre-filtered to show varying chances of a successful sale so that calls may be properly prioritized and programmed; during busy times only the most promising clients are called, and in lean times even the coldest of calls may be included.  This move not only reduces the chance of connecting to the wrong people, it also optimizes the use of human resources (outbound call center agents).  Software used for outbound call centers is discussed in greater detail in www.unisrc.com.

Automated dialing systems using pre-programmed client phone numbers reduce time between calls and improve call accuracy.  This gives the outbound contact center agent the opportunity to focus on gaining the attention of the client long enough for him to make a pitch.

The preview dialing feature allows the agent to view the next prospective client in the queue.   This eliminates potentially embarrassing mistakes in addressing clients.  Without it, a call center agent may address a single woman as married, leading to a dropped line, or to try to collect mortgage payments from the wrong person.

No wonder then that most call centers have turned to automation to boost the performance of their valuable call center agents.

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