IT Services: All You Need To Know About Information Technology Capabilities

it servicesIT Services is a method of bringing value to the client, through an IT Service Provider, by assisting the outcomes which the clients want to get with no need for ownership of certain risks and costs.

An IT service is the application of technical and business skills to help the organizations in the optimization, creation and management or availability of data and business processes. Its market can be divided by the kind of skills employed to bring the services. There are also different categories of IT services toronto business process services, application services and infrastructure services.

What is Information Technology (IT)?

It is the type of technology that refers to the processing, storing, transferring and presentation of business information. The ‘outcome’ that is expected by the client or business from an “IT” service provider can be described through:

  • Process, Present, Store, or Transfer business information as required by the business
  • While establishing chief aspects like Security, Reliability and Cost-effectiveness
  • Any systems or activitywhich facilitates the outcome described above without the need of  business to own, manage or be concerned about the particular risks and costs of the underlying technology, assets and activities.

What are the types of Service Provider as defined by ITIL?

  • Internal customer facing Services: it is a service provider that is placed within a business unit and offers IT service only for a certain business unit.
  • External Customer facing Services
  • Shared Services Unit: It is an internal service provider that gives shared IT services to more than one business unit.

What Are The Different Types of Services?

  1. Core Services: services that bring the basic outcomes wanted by one or more clients. Core services secure the value concept for the clients and give the basis for their continued use and satisfaction as they illustrate the value that the clients want and for which they are willing to pay.
  2. Enabling Services:These are the services that are required to bring a core service. Enabling services may or may not be noticeable to the client, but the client does not view them as services in their own right.
  3. Enhancing Services:These are the services that are included in a core service to make it more thrilling or alluring to the client. They are not necessary to the delivery of a core service, and are included in a core service as ‘excitement’ factors, which will motivate the clients to utilize the core service more.

What are the activities specific to IT?

  • Monitoring of servers or network
  • Application of Server and Network device
  • Maintenance of Hardware
  • Implementation of an IT process or activity etc.

But an outsourcing provider just like an Infrastructure management provider and support service provider will line up with the latter.

What are the categories of Services provided?

  • IT Services
  • IT Management or IT Support Services

Because even these services are also supported, either directly or indirectly, the business outcome that is related to business information can be added in the ‘IT Service’ category itself.


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