Cloud Storage Services Are More Common Than You Think

best cloud storage solutions services

There are a lot of organizations and individuals using cloud based storage services.  Yet cloud storage services are not as well known as it should be considering its widespread use.  In fact, some people are not even aware some of the internet applications they have signed up for are forms of cloud storage serviceTake Dropbox for example.  How many of its users realize that it is a form of cloud storage solution, offered at its most basic form and 2GB size for free?  This proves that the use of cloud based storage solutions is more common than most people realize.  This is not a surprise to members of the Cloud Computing Association.

One of the most common cloud storage solutions used by many small business enterprises and individuals is Google Drive.  An account with Google drive when linked with a Google Account gives a hefty 15GB of free storage.  What lures most users to this service are the free word processing and worksheets available at the site.  More than just a simple cloud storage service, Google Drive provides a high level of collaboration opportunities and for free.

Another fast rising service that offers free cloud storage is Microsoft’s OneDrive.  This service derives much of its appeal from its integration with social media platforms making for easy and very convenient file sharing among friends and colleagues.  It is also fully integrated with Microsoft Office 2012.  This service is mostly intended for small business owners and individual users.

There are a few more reliable companies providing best cloud storage solutions of different levels.  What is paramount in choosing to entrust files to such cloud storage providers is to ensure the company running it is in for the long haul.  In that sense Google and Microsoft’s applications have better backing.

Aside from small free accounts usually targeted at individuals and small organizations, many of the companies that produce products we normally purchase or provide service we avail of use cloud storage services.  Cloud storage vendors have grown to such an extent that more than half of all business organizations now use their services.

Outline your data storage needs now.  The best cloud storage solutions are out there waiting for you.

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