4 Deadly Sins When Dealing With Software Consulting Companies

Software Consulting Companies


Once in a while, we all find ourselves making some mistakes we would never thought we could make. One of those mistakes is hiring the wrong software consulting company. This mistake can make you feel like you will never hire software consulting companies again.

Yet, such an instinct would itself be a mistake. There are many consulting firms that subscribe to professionalism and excellence. Therefore, assuming that all the firms are bogus because one frustrated you would keep you away from enjoying the many benefits of Application Management outsourcing. Application management forms a huge chunk of the IT industry as a whole.

Born from a realization that some software consulting firms have immensely frustrated their clientele, professional consultants are now offering help to those customers recovering from a bad outsourcing experience. These firms help businesses to quickly get over the bad experiences and start their journey to outsourcing paradise.

The frustrations still fresh in their minds, these business executives are typically taken through an analysis process where the new software consulting firm tries to diagnose the areas the previous vendor failed in. Consequently, the new vendor creates a software consulting strategy devoid of the mistakes of the previous vendor. A clear understanding of the consulting fault lines of the previous vendor allows the new vendor to fix the process.

Often times, if you ask the customers that have faced frustrating and heartache at the hands of unprofessional software consulting companies, the responses they tell create this list of 4 deadly sins of a software consulting company.

Delays due to time zone differences

When a software error arises in a business institution, every minute that the problem remains unsolved translates to an incredible loss of revenue. Working with a company that is in a different time zone often results in these types of delays. For instance, a business executive could send out a message to the software consulting firm at 1pm local time only to get a response over 12 hours later when the firm opens for business from the other corner of the world.

Professional software consulting firms go out of their way to make sure their customer service desk is open 24/7 so that all of their clients who need help can get it promptly regardless of their geographical location or their time zone.

Failure to understand the solution the client expects

Before a software consultant begins developing an application solution for a client, he ought to ensure that he understands the wishes of the client and knows the outcome the client expects to see at the end of the process. There is no need of starting to work on a project with the wrong picture of the expected results.

To avoid frustrations on both sides of the divide, each party ought to communicate their expectations and understanding of the project as clearly as possible. Many software development projects often go through incessant delays as a result of miscommunication.

Blame shifting

When things fall apart, a professional software consulting company should do its best not to shift the blame to everyone else except itself. Accepting that its development team may have erred is an important part of being a good consultant. Many clients are offended by consulting firms’ obsessed with blaming others for the failure of the application projects they have taken up. Sometimes wisdom rests in the ability to take a portion of the blame even when you know you did nothing wrong.

Failure to follow company process

A professional software consulting company does everything necessary to seamlessly merge its operations with the internal processes of the company for which it is developing software solutions. Sometimes this includes attending internal meetings and regularly logging progress reports in the company’s internal software so that the client knows the progress the firm is making and can correct any part he sees might not result in the outcome he desires.

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